Our role is to establish the framework for helping parents and their children have a more child-safe divorce experience and to raise global awareness that there is a better way to divorce.

If you would like to get involved with the Center for Child-Safe Divorce or one of our global online communities, the Crash Pad Club or Conscious Co-Parents Collective, but don’t know where to start – you are in the right place!

As a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization, volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Whether you choose to dedicate your time, treasures and talents to those in a high-conflict situation through the Center for Child-Safe Divorce, work with embracing and nurturing teens in the midst of massive chaos, or would like to contribute to our Conscious Co-Parents Collective  – we welcome your contribution.

One of the most important ways you can help, it is fundraise. Your fundraising allows CCSD to continue to offer the Crash Pad Club, Conscious Co-Parents Collective and to continue building the resources of the Enlightened Professional Alliance.

In addition to fundraising, spreading the word and engaging your community – we have many areas of need that could benefit from your skills.  Below is a list of our current volunteer opportunities:


  • Administrative (virtual) assistants
  • Data-entry specialists
  • Volunteer Management

Development/Growth Team:

We need exceptional individuals to help the outreach efforts for all of our communities:

  • PR/Marketing
  • Digital strategists (people to help us spread the word and work of CCSD, CPC and CCC)
  • EPA – Share Leader – to reach out to professionals, clergy, counselors and coaches and share the Enlightened Professional Alliance
  • CPC – Share Leader – to reach out to businesses and corporations that support the teen communities
  • CCC – Share Leader – to reach out to professionals, speakers, businesses that support the co-parenting community
  • NPO experts in the areas of grant research and grant writing
  • Auction experts – procurement, events and organization
  • Live event experts – event staffing, management, promotion and organization
  • Political outreach

Service Team:

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for teens 15-24 years old [1].  We want to reach them long before suicide seems like their only choice. We need:

  • Online community moderators (young adults 18+, co-parents, grandparents, therapists, etc.)
  • Content managers (folks to scour the internet looking for the very best, most helpful articles, blogs, etc.)
  • Bloggers (if you are a blogger in the mental health, divorce, life coaching, medical or legal categories)
  • Licensed Therapists & Teen Crisis Counselors (experienced MFT, LCSW, Psychologists)

Board of Advisors:

The Center for Child-Safe Divorce is excited to be launching and bringing this important work to the global online community. CCSD is currently accepting inquiries and seeking to attract the world’s top professionals and foremost experts for Board of Advisor positions with the Center for Child-Safe Divorce. The intention is to bring key thought leaders together and collaborate in a manner that allows CCSD to impact the industry of divorce and create a new conflict-free paradigm in order to help shield children from the chaos-of-divorce-related conflict. We are seeking:

  • Medical professionals
  • Therapists
  • Mediators
  • Life Coaches
  • Wellness professionals
  • Family Law attorneys
  • Finance experts
  • Clergy
  • Mental Health professionals
  • Corporate leaders
  • Political leaders
  • Social entrepreneurs and activists
  • Non Profit Fundraising / Outreach/ Development Professionals

As our campaigns evolve, this page will change and expand to represent our new expanded needs.

If you are interested in gathering more information of how you can help, with even an hour a week, please Click Here and tell us a bit about yourself and what you see yourself doing with CCSD.


[1] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Web- based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System”