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Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Please contact marketing@centerforchildsafedivorce.org for more information.

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National Co-Parents Day™ Party in the Park - Kicking Off National Co-Parenting Month™

Inaugural National Co-Parents Day Party

National Co-Parents Day Picnic & Family Fun Festival – Complete with ribbon cutting and proclamations. This fun festival will be good old-fashioned fun with frisbees, kites, picnic blankets and baskets, co-parents, kids, blended families who will all come together to enjoy music and fun!

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Annual CCSD Education Summit

Join us for our first ever CCSD Educational Summit! This one-of-a-kind 2-day event assures you the opportunity to network with other members of the Enlightened Professionals Alliance, earn additional certification, attend educational workshops, while enjoying sunny San Diego.

Throughout the weekend, attend 6 breakout educational sessions and still enjoy enough time in the afternoons to take full advantage of all San Diego has to offer. The second evening you are VIP Guests for the first annual Love Before All Ball & Fundraising Gala.

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1st Annual Love-Before-All Fundraising Ball & Gala

This year, the Love-Before-All Fundraising Ball & Gala raises critical funds for CCSD programs and resources for youth, teens, and parents suffering from the fallout of the chaos of divorce-related conflict including eating disorders, mental disorders, self-harm and suicide. There will also be a paddle raise to support the Summer of Love “Love Bus” Tour and Music Festival and the Crash Pad Club – a Safe-Haven for Teens Caught in the Crossfire.  Join San Diego’s most-esteemed as they show up to support youth-in-crisis .

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Launching Soon


Welcome to the crash pad: a safe, cool place to ‘crash’

when ur parents r separating or going through divorce.