kids don't belong in the crossfire - center for child-safe divorceThe HeArt of Divorce™

"If your enemy's army is larger... evade.

When yours is superior... attack.

If there are children
on the battlefield...

get off."

Stu Weintraub,

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means

conscious co-parents collective at the center for child-safe divorce

An uplifting social place to connect with other inspired parents & benefit from great resources.

crash pad club at the center for child-safe divorce

A safe, cool place to ‘crash’ when ur parents are in conflict. (Teens Only)

Enlightened Professionals Alliance at the Center for Child-Safe Divorce

An alliance of like-minded professionals who believe that kids don’t belong in the crossfire.

Forgive us, children, for we know not what we have done.

Regardless of court-ordered custody percentage, there is no such thing as a less than 100% parent.