It takes a village to love a child…

Our deepest gratitude to our supporters below who have put the children first and contributed their time, treasures or talents to the Center for Child-Safe Divorce.

Native American philosophy espouses that “we are all relations” and in so we are humbled by the love, abundance, and ongoing support we receive each day from our CCSD extended “family.”


Major Donors (Gifts of $100,000+)


Key Contributors (Gifts of $50,000+)


Ambassadors of Love (Gifts of $25,000+)


Friends of CCSD (Gifts of $10,000+)


Founding Members, Enlightened Professional Alliance
($4,800 annually recurring)


Politicians & Government Officials


Corporate Sponsors


Angels and Allies

The following individuals and organizations have provided services, support, or in-kind contributions which have been vital to the planning, launch and success of CCSD:


Jeff Webster

Renee Richardson, Grant Writing Services

India Alessandra, Inspired by India Creative

Myron Steeves, Church Law Group

Kirra Klein, Crash Pad Club Teen Liason

Brook Olsen, High Conflict Diversion Program

Burton Lo, FIT Project Management

SWANK Social Marketing

David Heiman, Computer Troubleshooters Del Mar

Weintraub Family

Linda Kopper


If you know of an individual, professional, organization, foundation or business that aligns with the causes of Crash Pad Club, Conscious Co-Parents Collective or our Enlightened Professional Alliance and may be interested in supporting CCSD, please share the vision.

If there is any individual, professional, organization, foundation or business that you would like us to reach out to, please let us know via our Contact Us page.  We want to ensure that everyone who would like to support us, knows about us and is recognized for their contribution.  Thank you.