Crash Pad Club

Crash Pad Club

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crash pad club at the center for child-safe divorceCrash Pad Club provides support and community for self-empowerment and self-acceptance for youth and teens. We believe that every individual is entitled to a safe and loving upbringing.

The potential to embrace and share love is an aspiration instilled within each and every one of us – regardless of age.

Teens experiencing high-conflict at home…lose sight of that potential. They are especially in need of support and encouragement to unleash their potential with respect to, but separate from the conflict of their parents. Teens of high-conflict divorce need to know its possible to eliminate anger, fear, self-hatred, depression, anxiety and even just limiting beliefs that are hindering them from believing in the life of their dreams.

If you are in crisis, see our Get Help page.

If you are seeking professional support, you may find our Directory useful.