Stu Weintraub, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Child-Safe Divorce, has demonstrated a deep commitment to children suffering from the chaos of divorce-related conflict. Most recently, Stu has served on the Board of Kid’s Turn San Diego –  a Not-For-Profit organization offering divorce related services, including psycho-educational workshops for children being raised in two households. Through his personal experiences Stu became inspired when he realized there was an opportunity to offer resources and support to those approaching the divorce process before the emotional damage occurs. With steely resolve, Stu created the Center for Child-Safe Divorce.

Since his divorce over 10 years ago, Stu has been on the continuous journey from Parallel Parent to Conscious Co-Parent of his incredible and inspiring 14 year old son. Over the last decade, he continues to develop the strength of character and deep humility required to work respectfully with his son’s mom and stepfather as they continue to navigate daily and ongoing nuances of raising their son together. After 10 years in high-conflict coaching, workshops, and personal development coaching and counseling he recognized that many of the resources he sought ought were not readily available to those who are new to the divorce process.

Investing his own resources first, and then approaching the San Diego community for philanthropic support, Stu is particularly committed in spear-heading legislative change around divorce and creating “National Co-Parents Day” while also creating a global online resource to protect the small and innocent souls of children and teens experiencing emotional impact from the chaos of divorce-related conflict.

A Tufts University graduate, Stu has served within, and for, executive management teams of Fortune 100 companies including Sprint, Pitney Bowes and Cox Communications. He has been entrusted with $1,000,000+ budgetary responsibilities while working on NFL Super Bowl sponsorships and oversaw a sales team that generated $1,200,000 annual ad revenue while at WebSideStory. He is also the Founder of Weintraub Media Group.

As CEO, Stu is focused primarily on legislature, organizational advancement, growth strategies, fundraising, academic studies, marketing, communications and external relations for the Center for Child-Safe Divorce.

If Stu isn’t raising funds or speaking, you can find him doing random acts of kindness while sipping green tea at a local Starbucks. If he’s not there, look on San Diego Bay or on the slopes of the Sierras, as he and his son are avid sailors and skiers. If his phone is turned off, he may be inside a Native American sweat lodge or chanting with community at a shamanic meditation drum circle.

Erica Chavin CFOErica Chavin, Founding Board Member and Chief Financial Officer for The Center for Child-Safe Divorce, brings a robust track record as a dynamic, innovative, results-oriented, financial management professional with proven excellence in grant writing and proposal development, grant and contract management, finance and accounting.

Erica has worked with, and for, some of the most robust organizations utilizing her administrative, research, management, financial and grant-writing skills including the Scintillon Institute, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, Scripps Research Institute, Merrill Lynch, Union Bank and Texaco.

Erica’s vast expertise in proactively managing and reconciling $28M budgets, slashing institutional risks, and developing, negotiating and managing grant proposals inspires the CCSD to feel blessed to have her on our Board of Directors.

When Erica is not demonstrating her expert knowledge of federal regulations and compliance or balancing budgets, you can find her counting her blessings while balancing her life with her beautiful and amazing triplets.

MeganMegan Fitzgerald, Founding Board Member and Secretary for The Center for Child-Safe Divorce, has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the launch of CCSD and vows to stand by and ensure CCSD’s direction and commitment to children.

Megan is a recovering parallel parent and proud Conscious Co-Parent to her 19 year-old daughter, Kirra, an NYU Dean’s List Scholar student. Megan understands the immense dedication, perseverance, overwhelm and joy of the “single-mom” and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges (and benefits) of parallel parenting. Two of Megan’s “near-and-dear to her heart” projects are CCSD’s Crash Pad Club (for teens) and Conscious Co-Parents Collective.

Megan has dedicated her time, treasures and talents to working with over 186,000 women in need, children’s cancer organizations and “Young at Art” programs – grooming young adults to become the museum’s next generation of corporate and community fundraisers.

Today, Megan is a trusted confidante for, and works beside, some of the most prominent and cutting-edge experts in the world of digital marketing, including social media, e-commerce, and content marketing. She is also the Co-Founder of SWANK Social Marketing, a San Diego-based social media, marketing and public relations growth-focused company. In addition, Megan has been a global speaker for the Anthony Robbins Companies, speaking in Fiji and Thailand for Tony Robbins’ private, prestigious ‘members only’ Platinum Partner group.

A voracious multi-tasker – when Megan is simultaneously posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can also find her enjoying a cup of coffee (or two) and making reservations on AirBnB to go visit her daughter.