Stu WeintraubStu Weintraub is committed to sharing his experiences and helping spread the Love-Before-Law message to help parents and professionals shield children from the chaos of divorce-related-conflict.  His vision for CCSD eminates from a decade of his own experiences while learning and practicing the often painful lessons on how to best manage the divorce and custody process.  These include, the legal, financial and emotional aspect of divorce, parenting his son through the process, and having the best possible co-parenting / parallel parenting relationship with his son’s mom thereafter and ongoing.   He is the author of  the upcoming book, The Heart of Divorce – How to Place Love Before Law to Minimize Divorce-Related Conflict for Your Children, in which he describes how it is the warrior’s responsibility to lose many battles in order to win the war. “The war” is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child.

Stu began this unforeseen journey after 5 years of marriage and with a 2 year-old son.  After experiencing and feeling the impact from the conflict inflicted upon him during and after his own parents’ separation, as well as the many battle-wounds received and inflicted on others during his own divorce, Stu began a spiritual and intellectual pursuit of healing his inner “wounded” warrior.  This process, which still continues today, provides the enlightened realization that a warrior’s first responsibility is to mitigate conflict, and only when all options are exhausted, to pursue the fight, but only in a way, such that the collateral damage is confined, and children are sufficiently ‘shielded’”

“I am not an expert. I never took a class on relationships, how to be married or how to stay married…I never knew I would need to.  However, after my marriage failed, and I found myself thrust onto the battlefield of the Family Law court system, I learned very quickly that my college education did not, and would not prepare me for what I needed to navigate the divorce process and the many negotiations of co-raising a child afterwards.” – Stu Weintraub

While it is human nature to want to take credit, the truth is, the universe forced Stu to pursue spiritual and intellectual trainings and solutions to a battle he was never prepared to fight.  Stu delved deeply into 12-Step Recovery, personal therapy, parenting courses, co-parenting workshops, high conflict diversion coaching, and went on to obtain High Conflict Divorce Coaching certification, become a Reiki Master and a Oneness Deeksha energy healer.  Stu has most recently served on the Board of Directors of Kids’ Turn-San Diego, which he credits as helping him learn the basics of co-parenting. Over the past decade, Stu has been studying with a Native American ceremonialist, and is deeply committed to the ongoing study and practice of Native American wisdom. He participates in weekly Men’s circles through his ongoing involvement in The Mankind Project. When asked who his greatest teachers have been, without exception, Stu credits his mother, father, son, as well as his son’s mom and step-father who continually show him where he needs to practice the basic principals of “Love-Before-Law”;  acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness, & love.

Stu resides in Southern California where he is in private practice helping parents place Love Before Law.  He can be found sailing, skiing, or soaking in a cold plunge, and rehearsing his next TedX talk.